Financing for innovative start-ups. What are the possibilities?

You have a fantastic and innovative idea and you want to research and develop it further. You just lack the capital to do this. What financing options does the government offer you as a start-up? And are there any subsidies to start a new business?

Grants to start a new business come in different shapes and sizes. You can read below which start-up subsidies there are.

Early stage financing (VFF)

With the help of a loan from the Early Stage Financing you can develop a working prototype and conduct market research or make a business plan. This way you take your idea that important step further. This subsidy for starters is specially intended for SMEs, innovative starters and academic / hbo / TO2 starters.


The WBSO (Promotion of Research and Development Act) is a tax innovation scheme for companies that carry out development and / or research projects. The WBSO reimburses part of the (wage) costs and expenses of your R & amp; D project. Start-ups can benefit extra and self-employed persons receive a fixed deduction.

Innovation credit

If you are working on a promising and challenging innovation with a good market perspective, you may qualify for the Innovation Credit . This credit is specifically intended for technical and clinical development projects. You can also use this as a start-up.

Seed Business Angel fund

As a creative or technical start-up you may be able to call on a so-called ‘Seed fund’. Half of the capital in such a fund is contributed by private investors and the other half by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The ‘business angels’ can also assist you as a start-up with their knowledge, network and experience.

Guarantee for SME loans (BMKB)

As an SME with good business prospects, you can borrow more from the bank than you would get on the basis of your own resources using the Guarantee for SME loans . The government will then guarantee part of the loan. There are extra favorable conditions for start-ups.

Extra tip

Via the MIT scheme (SME innovation stimulation Region and Top Sectors) you can apply for feasibility projects, knowledge vouchers and R&D collaboration projects. You can also benefit a lot from this as a start-up. Please note: you can only submit an application for the various parts of this scheme during certain periods.

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