Ohad Greenshpan

COO/co-founder, Namogoo

Ohad Greenshpan is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Namogoo. Ohad is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building technologies that create a big impact. He is currently the Co-founder and COO of Namogoo, a unique security company that provides a new, innovative security layer that protects enterprises from new generation of client-side threats. As a founder of a company that opens a new market, Ohad is leading the creation of the  technology foundations that leverages Machine Learning and strong big data infrastructure and proactively blocks mutating malware on hundreds of millions of page views every day. Ohad is considered a worldwide leader in Serious Games. In his previous role, Ohad Co-founded and was a CEO of Fashioholic, a VC-backed startup that used Serious Games as a new, ubiquitous marketing channel between retailers and consumers. Ohad founded IBM's Crowd Computing program, which develops and promotes Serious Games to increase revenue in IBM's offerings. For his contributions, Ohad received two awards for outstanding technical and business accomplishments. He is an inventor of 11 US patents and has published over 10 papers at reputed academic venues. Ohad served as a Lieutenant at an elite intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces ("Haman Talpiot"/8200 unit), where he received three awards for special contributions.