Philippe Mauchard

Managing Partner, Eggsplore

Philippe is an intra and entre-preneur in business building services. He recently joined Eggsplore's co-founders as Managing Partner. Until 07/2016, Philippe was a Partner in the Brussels office of McKinsey&Company, which he joined in 1995. After being elected a Partner in 2000, he ideated, designed, launched and led McKinsey Solutions, from late 2006 to early 2015. He then set up and led McKinsey Scale Up, McKinsey's efforts to help fast growing tech companies in Europe and Israel in achieving higher performance, and especially in better working with corporates. He is now setting to continue working as a bridge between corporates and start-ups, between markets and innovation ecosystems, and between selected service providers (a.o. McKinsey) and those needing support. As co-founder and global leader of McKinsey Solutions, he went through all the steps of this innovative and disruptive venture, bringing it to around 750 dedicated professionals (of which 20 dedicated partners), and more than 30 individual solutions (of which a quarter are based on some form of collaboration with, investment into or acquisition of an external venture). These Solutions are now an integer part of McKinsey’s global client service offerings. As consulting Partner, Philippe focused in particular on serving clients on a range of Marketing/ Sales and innovation issues, in industries incl. Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Postal Services. Philippe is also Professor in Marketing at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, and a founder of Teach for Belgium. He also serves on the boards of entrepreneurial endeavors. He holds a Master in Commercial Engineering from Solvay, and an MBA from INSEAD. Prior to his MBA, he worked as consultant in Paris and London for Mercer Management Consulting (today Oliver Wyman).