Ruth Polachek

CEO, Fincheck

Ruth Polachek is the CEO of Fincheck Ms. Polachek was named as one of Israel's 100 most influential persons in the Israeli Tech Industry by GeekTime: And previously was named one of Israel's 40 under 40 promising youngsters: Polachek is currently CEO and Co-Founder of FinCheck, a new FinTech venture. Earlier in her career, Ms. Polachek was Head of the Citibank Accelerator for startups; a serial entrepreneur and CEO of tech startups, a proprietary equities trader and an investment banker at Lehman Brothers. Ms. Polachek has been leading teams, companies and organizations for over 15 years; With over 10 years as CEO and Founder of tech startups, developing data intensive web, mobile, financial and social apps, with millions of users worldwide. Ms. Polachek is the Founder and Chairwoman of she codes; (, the community of Israeli female software developers, with hundreds of monthly activities across Israel in tech companies and Universities, and over 200 team members. Polachek set the goal for she codes; to have 50% female software developers in the tech industry within a decade; with over 10,000 participants within 3 years, she codes; is on its way to achieving this goal. Polachek won the prestigious Rappaport award for pioneering female social-change entrepreneurship.